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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please read important notice regarding TRAI Regulation effective from 27th September 2011.

As many of you may be aware, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) issued regulations on 27 Sept 20122 on the SMS industry in India. These regulations are designed to significantly curb the sending of unsolicited commercial communications to consumers through enhanced enforcement of the National Do Not Call (NDNC) list, now renamed the National Customer Preference Registry (NCPR). While the regulations introduce many positive changes to the industry (e.g., full sharing of NCPR database for registered Telemarketers, more clearly defined consumer registration and complaint process), there are also several aspects of the regulations that will cause changes to how we all leverage SMS services in our business.

Below is classification of Transactional and Promotional Categories of SMS in compliance with TRAI regulations.

Transactional Messages:

  • Messages Sent to your Paid Customers/Registered Users who have asked for receiving SMS Notifications can be classified as Transactional.

  • You should have a Proof of Registration of all the Recepients which should made available when required in case of an NCPR violation.

  • Proof of registration can comprise of an Invoice in the name of recepient or a Screenshot of your database/website (in case the user is registered on the website). In both the cases, the Mobile Number of the user(For which NCPR violation has taken place) should be clearly visble.

  • You'll be provided with a 6 character Alpha senderid which can be your Business Name. There is No restriction on the Time during which SMS can be sent.

    We'll also require you to send the following documents for Activation of your Transactional Account.
  • Letter of Indemnification on your Company Letterhead. Download Here.
  • Sample Proof of Registration of recipient depicting his mobile number: either screenshot of database or an Invoice.

  • Promotional Messages:

  • SMS to NCPR registered numbers will not be delivered and you will get a revert of the credits for sms sent on those numbers.

  • Fixed Numeric Sender will be used as a Senderid.

  • SMS Can be sent only between 9am to 9pm.

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